Regional Blood Centre Sukkur
Government of Sindh

About us

The province of Sindh, the second most populous province in Pakistan, comprises of a 60 million population with 24 administrative districts. The budget of SBTP Phase I for Sindh was PKR 251.97 million, through which four RBCs were constructed and equipped. One each in Karachi, Jamshoro, Sukkur and Nawabshah, to supply blood products to the linked 24 existing Hospital Blood Banks which have been upgraded and renovated for this new role. This infrastructure has just been completed and handed over to the Sindh DoH for operationalization.

Sukkur is a city in the province of Sindh, along the western bank of the Indus River, directly across from the historic city of Rohri. It is the third largest city in Sindh after Karachi and Hyderabad, and is the 14th most populous city in Pakistan. It is popularly known as the “Gate of Sindh” in reference to the city’s location along the frontier that separates the historical Sindhi heartland from the Saraiki-speaking regions to the north.

The ‘Ground Breaking’ ceremony of the Sukkur Regional
Blood Centre was held on 25th January, 2012 at Ghulam
Mohammad Meher Medical College, Sukkur and
it was inaugurated on February 14th, 2018

by then Sindh Health Minister, Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandhro and KfW Development Bank representative, Mr. Wolfgang Moellers. The government pledged its support for the smooth functioning of the centre and the implementation of the Blood Programme in the province. In addition to that, the management of Sukkur RBC is outsourced to Sukkur Blood and Drug Donating Society under the private-public partnership.

It is one of the four modern blood centers in the province of Sindh and is operational on a 24/7 hours basis, providing safe blood through various Hospital Blood Banks (HBB). RBC aims for excellence through quality management, quality training and quality service. We are currently providing all blood related services free of cost. By doing so, we hope to positively promote a voluntary blood donor culture.